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The Tower

by Katherine de Rosset

  • Cassette + Digital Album

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Joy and tenderness I carry you on my left and on my right I need your help, your loving guidance walk with me into the darkest night It’s in the stream beyond the distance and in the pages that I write I see eyes gazing up to greet me, beaming as water rushes by (I’ll be your light) She whispers in the dark (not you but us) inside my heart (I’ll be your light) I feel it come through You’re telling me to find joy Oh tell me where to find my joy Here I am I want to show you
The Star 02:16
There’s a message that’s hidden in the shadows just like the star see the beautiful light that you are even when it feels covered and lost I would gather up moon rocks in the yard when I was just a child and I’d wonder what else lays beyond what I would form into when my body’s gone Some nights I feel distant so I run to the fields at night sending dreams out with hopes that you might hear my voice and answer my cry Point the way and guide me from a distance in some strange unknown with you here I feel less alone I am at peace when I breathe in your love Now I feel your grace when I look to the sky and for all of time we’ve pondered with your beam in our eyes (show me the way to go) Did it light your way? Did it open your mind? Can you see what it is and how we’re all apart of it? (show me the way to go) So don’t put yourself down just look inside you are the divine body of stars being of light (show me the way to go)
I used to dwell on how things were put myself down for all the hurt now here we are after how much we’ve changed no longer grasping for those days Am I blind to your lonely heart? Living distant in a world so far I wish that you could follow me there but there’s only so much space that we can share I found my way in a settling calm I nurture what I abandoned for so long a love so natural, a heart so true that I used to dedicate all to you and now I feel like I can’t reach you when you are right here oh what has gone wrong now I fear our paths aren’t mutual to be all we can do we move on? Between the window and the moon the tower rising within the woods through a clearing in the trees how stable are the stones I see? Is it a vision, or a howling call the illusions cease as the curtains draw two gleaming eyes like stars above waiting out for the storm to come.. You’ll know where to find me you’ll know where to find me here by myself don’t make it sound like that’s so bad
Oh can you hear the words that you speak only about yourself value the strength that you have it’s within you and waits to come alive well maybe if I try If you feel like you can’t see the light in your eyes just know that I can now is the time to be here and you’re not do you feel like you can’t? Do you see what I am? While you’re searching for some place outside don't you see where I am? In the heart where truth lives.. Oh dreams feel lost when they’re waiting in time what fades will grow and if you could only see what is obvious to me you would never doubt yourself please tell me that you’ll try I promise I will try If you feel like you can’t see the light in your eyes just know that I can now is the time to be here and you’re not do you feel like you can’t?
Falling further into the dark you’re never alone I feel you in my hands Just take a moment, bow to your discomfort don’t move until you can try another way I see the message over and over what could it mean? what do you want me to see.. There is magic in your blood hear our breath as we are one Feel the magic in your blood do you know how strong we are? I’m by the water walking towards a cave reflecting moonlight guiding my way blue stones glisten my breath the only sound Something’s awoken my heart I sing out loud I wanna know what pleasures keep someone waiting to move on Out from the dark she speaks and moves like something from beyond I can’t stay still caught in her gaze your spirit she’ll return The moment that you wake you’ll feel all that she touched will have changed (So show me how it is you love!) She guides me still (Patience still, be carried in my arms) warm and graceful lighting up my heart (You’ve kept your heart closed long enough!) Release my fears (I’ll lead you to places you were meant to find) walk with me in formlessness to form (A silver veil flowing high and strong!) Our light as one (What waits for you there’s already in your heart) Soaring higher now I can move on..
The Eclipse 05:06
A planet appears as the sun starts to fall darkness consumes with no moon to glow what do you see in the shadows of your mind? I’m reading out loud as we hold on to this night We look for the constellations we know aligning the patterns our eyes can hold while waves come ramping to meet upon shore a calling we greet in tradition once more Now life’s just memories In a flash before our eyes, it has us all in time and what if it was just a dream? We pretend that we’re not far, but you can’t ever know how much time we have Can we just stay here? with tears in my eyes and your voice inside I’ll be there in your heart, heart I’ll be there in your heart, heart I’ll be there in your heart, heart I’ll be there in your heart, heart I’ll be there in your heart, heart Oh will you talk to me when I’m gone? will you still talk to me when I’m gone You know I’ll always be in your heart I’m always gonna be in your heart How can we have gone through this before and there not be a memory of it I have a feeling deep within and I know that I chose this path to live I need to learn from my mistakes do the work that I couldn’t do before (but now..) Under the darkness is infinite love hold on the tide is coming in again
91818 06:01
Blue is the color of life the essence of all I am here before my eyes And what is that sound I heard? a storm of your despair and joy it pulls me awake Was it your mind? No Was it your soul? Oh, sing for your love I have dreams in our old house And a part of me knows The voice I heard that night was my own And if we can forgo doubt just take my hand into the night and see your body enveloped in light But am I ready? Is this what you wanted for us? I know I’m ready To leave it behind and go forward? It’s all or nothing Is this what you wanted for us? I know I’m ready To leave it behind and go forward? It’s all or nothing Is this what you wanted for us? I know I’m ready
Sacred 03:37
I’ve learned to see the beauty in your gift for all the times we tear it down, you rebuild you look so fragile, spinning in the wind where can I find that sort of strength? within I can’t stop my mind from thinking while our bodies are close and we’re dancing our souls are lifted high above why should I trust you with all of my love? It’s like raising a bridge up the negativity’s forceful but something’s here, have you noticed? oh, existence is pure love so if my love is your love.. What if my love is your love Is the truth then discovered? No, not in words you can speak of but in her radiant darkness Lost in my dreams I’m half asleep what can fully bloom when you’re picking at them too soon The moment is beautiful and light can you stay awake trust the presence of divine time Cause I’ll give it all that I have but I don’t wanna go if you’re telling me to slow down stay on the path there’s work to do there is something more what you truly want is yours now What you want will be yours now
Resonate 03:49
Light breaks while you gently sleep gone, wishing for time stalling when seasons are fast turning Now see the threshold you seek face toward the tide pulling you into deeper dreaming still (Come take my hand you’ll understand what you’ve been looking for the truth, the beauty you’ve sown flowers before you) Take our desires eternal fire a stillness is calling you within (lay amongst the life the open sky and let it hold you now a single star begins to shine the clouds are parting) The wonders of love breathing as one drifting away You spoke to our hearts a spark casting off as night turns to day (can you feel it change the air is warm a joyful vision waits outside the cave where you have stayed I want to show you) I know you’ll be here you’ve always been for all my life rising from within I’m longing to follow deeper still.. (a mockingbird calls draws me from bed and to my window calls into the night oh who will hear, who will answer?) I’ll follow deeper still.. (I will sing into the night into the darkness calling out love I feel a light I hear it echo out) I’ll follow deeper still..


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In the fall of 2018, Katherine de Rosset moved from her home in Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA. After being in LA for one month with her sister and partner, they learned that the house where they lived was being sold and they had a month to find someplace new. It was an uncertainty that was hard to face after having just settled in. These two months in LA were when a massive clearing began. Sparks that turned to flame, changing de Rosset's inner landscape forever. She turned to meditation, tarot and her music for guidance, centering and healing. It wasn't until six days before their move-out date that de Rosset's destination came to her in a quiet moment: Austin, TX. In less than a week she had a place to live, a rented car, and a plan to leave her sister and partner and embark on an independent soul-centered journey.

It is here, in Austin, where Katherine de Rosset has done the deepest healing. In place of the burnt remains of her old structure grew a beautiful wilderness. Lush, free and true. She reconnected with nature, finding strength, stability, and a chance to breathe deeply with a wise tree. She looked into the water within when she sat by the creek and noticed how everything is ever changing and transforming. Even when it looks still, there is movement. There is joy in impermanence.

Now when she returns, she can sense the knowing that has always been there, weaving golden threads through the past while holding her in the present, a graceful guiding light along the path. She hears each word come through as a soft inner voice, echoing out from the dark chambers within. 'The Tower' is the force that clears what is no longer able to stay, it's a turning point. And within that clearing is sacred ground for the journey of coming home to oneself.

"I hope that you can feel the love and the joy, from my heart to yours."


released March 5, 2021

Written, recorded, and produced by Katherine de Rosset.

Created in Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; and Austin, TX;
2018 - 2020.

Design, layout, and cover photograph by Katherine de Rosset.
Mastered by Warren Hildebrand.

"This album is dedicated to the women who came before me. For their continuous love, grace and guidance."

Originally released digitally August 28, 2020.

FH-071 / FH:VI-036
℗&© 2021 Katherine de Rosset.
Under license to Furious Hooves.


all rights reserved



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