Spooky's Theme b​/​w Elisa Gets The Axe

by Spooky Booty & The Tombstone Goofs and Giuseppe Valentino

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FH-061 // Halloween Split Series No.08
Featuring Spooky Booty & The Tombstone Goofs and Giuseppe Valentino.

This year for our special Furhoof Halloween release, we went novelty album! We were able to get an instant classic from Spooky Booty & The Tombstone Goofs with “Spooky’s Theme.” It takes you on a... spooky... trip. Then, we were able to find a dubbed copy of the long-lost 1989 horror flick “Utter Abhorrence 2” on VHS. We pulled the audio from its amazing soundtrack, composed by Giuseppe Valentino, as best we could. The track here comes from one of the greatest scenes from the film when, and spoiler warning here, “Elisa Gets The Axe.”

Please enjoy the 8th (2018) installment from the Furhoof Halloween Split Series. Thank you and “Happy Halloween!”


released October 31, 2018

"Spooky's Theme" written, performed and recorded by Spooky Booty.
Additional Vocals by The Tombstone Goofs.
Guitar by Donnie LaBoo.
Mixed by A-How.
Ⓟ&©2018 Spooky Booty & The Tombstone Goofs, Furious Hooves.

"Elisa Gets The Axe" was composed by Giuseppe Valentino.
Audio pulled from a dubbed VHS copy of the long-lost soundtrack to the 1989 horror flick "Utter Abhorrence 2."
Ⓟ1989 Giuseppe Valentino.
©2018 Furious Hooves.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Spooky Booty & The Tombstone Goofs - Spooky's Theme
Here he comes
Wobblin' down the street
His knees are just a-knockin'
Has all the people talkin'
When he scares the folks
Right outta their seats
They're in for quite a-shockin'
When Spooky comes a rockin'
(Oh no!)
Don't try to run, don't try to hide
(Watch out!)
Comes here comes Spooky
With his skeleton stride
Don't be so frightened
That you can't even move
When Spooky Booty thrills ya
With the sound of his groove

If them crypt doors are creakin'
And the boneyard's a-quakin'
Bring your warm body down
And get it a-shakin'
'Cause when that tombstone band
Starts a-goofin' around
There ain't a graveyard in town
That can resist their sound
And when you get there
You better -- you better tell 'em
That Spooky sent ya