Sigil Meditation

by ZDJ



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'Sigil Meditation' is an interactive ritual tool. Since the 2019 release of 'Heliopause', Timothy Hawks as ZDJ has considered writing music inspired by the length and simplicity of Terry Riley’s 'In C', the unique healing time warp that is Basinski’s 'Disintegration Loops', as well as his appreciation of doom and stoner metal albums from bands like Bell Witch and Sleep. Those inspirations found Hawks' desire to release a magickal pamphlet that would share an original and astrologically sound ritual for manifesting intentions that uses his own sobriety as its example. Released on December 6th, his sober-anniversary, 'Sigil Meditation' is, in scope and content, a majestic and impressive composition that, when paired with the ritual, will prove itself life changing.

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Digital Release (Digital Album + PDF "Pamphlet")

Includes album and PDF with instructions on a powerful new way to manifest intentions in your life by planting, nurturing, and maintaining astrologically sound sigils in your subconscious through meditation.

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Physical Release (Cassette + Pamphlet)

Includes pamphlet (described above) and a cassette of ZDJ’s 'Sigil Meditation' album ~ a gorgeous seventy-three minute composition on guitar, Korg synth, midi, and tape loops. Upon ordering — with your consent and a heartfelt promise that I will deliver good — provide your birthdate, birth time, and birth location (or the date, time, and location of a significant event to you) and I will hand make a sigil on your cassette’s artwork. These cassettes will be made by hand and limited to 20 units.


released December 6, 2020

Guitar, Programming, Synth, KORG, Tape Loops, Mixing by Timothy Hawks as ZDJ.

Layout (Grid) by Joelle Wacker.


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