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In-Between 04:00
In-between the space between things, but the space became the thing. It swallowed before and after, torn from cold earth and placed in a bed of fresh poisoned flowers in a new season. Do I live here now in the in-between? Routine- now it’s all lost it’s meaning. What did it mean before the bad dream swallowed past and present?  A feeling pure and full, now placed in a bed of fresh poisoned flowers in a new season. Do I live here now in the in-between? Time is now an aimless train — fast forwarding in a frozen frame. Time means nothing — over and over again.
Glorianne 03:11
Glorianne, tell me a secret — Hidden truths, why we exist. Glorianne, tell me it’s true — Love is eternal and so are you.  What’s it like living in the light Glorianne? Glorianne, what happens after — Golden joy and pure laughter? Glorianne, give me a sign of an afterlife where everything’s fine. Glorianne, don’t tell me the truth Glorianne, tell me something to soothe me. What’s it like living in the light Glorianne?
Us Only 02:41
Up all night, mute dark meets mirrored moonlight. Feel alright, but just not quite right. My eyes weak by the time sun soaks sweaty sheets. My heart meek by the time I remember what I need. Hold me like the worlds us only. Forgive my dark cloud, please don’t leave me. There’s no grace in aging anxious, angry, and gray. I tried to chase that fear of wasting away. But my minds weak- up all night, trying to sleep. My hearts meek by the time it remembers what I need. Hold me like the worlds us only. Forgive my dark cloud, please don’t leave. Please don’t leave. Please let me sleep.
Clean Air 04:21
Ativan in the afternoon to quiet the dirge of impending doom. Life is going right as planned, but the house is on fire and the earth is damned. I don’t want to be just in this misery- I want clean air for our baby to breathe. A mindful moment and my medicine keeps my brain okay when I’m losing it. Everything is going well, but the earths on fire and America’s hell, I’m losing it. I don’t want to be just in this misery- I want clean air for our baby to breathe. Lexapro when I’m feeling low, it stops the pain before I even know. Everything is going well, at least as far as I can tell. I don’t want to be just in this misery- I want clean air for our baby to breathe.
Memory 02:22
Sorry I didn’t reply. I told you it slipped me by. Truth is, I got stuck and so tangled up in your memory. I thought about the words I’d say — Small talk and “how’s yr day?” Truth is, I feel you slipping away in a virtual memory. Sorry I didn’t click heart on your smile somewhere far. I got lost in an ad, Exhausted and sad by some memory that I can’t find.
Godspit 02:57
God was spitting rain onto mountains and blankets of snow on old apples.
Remember each in their truest form.
Remember who you were before your heart was worn. 
God was water running backwards,
cold wind dancing on cigarette ashes.
Remember the sad ache of a good time
Not quite the time we'll ever find. Needle was wrapped in cloud, Swimming through a new downtown. Anchored by the weight of where I've been, what I had, and where it went.
Friends 03:29
Does no one change? Is it a phase? Just a feeling passing you’ll someday retrace? Are you the same? Same mixed up brain in need of a friend who embraces your pain. We’ll meet again and talk about back when. Does it get softer as we age or less dependent on the way a friend in time of need is there to relate? Does it get harder to make a bond that won’t break — not words, just a look to know they relate. Everyone seems far today, I hold them close inside. They’re growing in their own way, and I’m growing in mine. I hope we can grow together over time.
Snow Day 02:35
Soft glow of fresh snow — so peaceful. I wonder, where do we go after this ends? Somewhere safe or nowhere at all — still we all die. Way to bring the conversation down. Let’s explore this snow covered town. Surely someday we will die, but right now, we’re alive.
Mary 03:27
Mary, old friend — you’ll stay until the end. Almost comforting to feel your teeth sink in. My body won’t tell me when, when you enter in. I can’t explain it, I just feel something missing. You cover me completely — My loving disease, my companion to keep. Mary following- you’re a bad friend. Tearing open the wounds I’m trying to mend. My weak heart won’t protect me, Don’t let me believe there’s any worth in trying to leave. You cover me completely — my loving disease, an old companion to me.
You cover me completely — when the bird sings or the city screams. I know you’ll never leave, just hiding in-between.
Orange Glow 02:44
Bad news on Aviva’s cell. I hear it from a distance and see her eyes well. A part of us now — How much can we allow? The television’s dayglo — Light too bright for crying eyes to hold. I didn’t pack for a funeral, my heart was already full. Low sun, high moon collide On a winding lake out a plane in the sky. Sleeping trees, shed of leaves — Waltzing against bright baby blue. It hits me different now — The orange glow sings the softest sound.
Hue 03:57
How could you stay without your meaning? Your meaning. A formless shape floating towards endless ceiling,  It scattered your being. How’d time let you go through with leaving? I still see you gleaming with the hue of your love tearing light through the ground. How could the world keep turning without you burning? I see you in everything, constant learning. Rusted sun right before it breaks, let it escape. It’s the hue of your love tearing light through the ground.


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‘In-Between’ is the new album by Seattle’s indie pop act Rainwater, led by Blake Luley. It was recorded in his guest bedroom during a stressful couple years through graduate school and his first year as a teacher in the unholy year of 2020. In little pockets of time between school, a new job, and preparing to have his first child, he laid down bass lines, synth parts, and wrote songs. Even with this pieced together approach, ‘In-Between’ is a fully realized exploration of grief, mental illness, and love.

Throughout ‘In-Between’, Luley’s introspective songwriting is accented by dreamy guitars, driving basslines, shimmering synths, glimmering lap steel, and rollicking drum machines. Despite most of the songs being about grief and mental illness, this is Rainwater’s sunniest, most upbeat album to date. Lead singles, “Glorianne” and “Us Only”, are New Order-meets-Fleetwood Mac with pulsing drums and catchy hooks. “Glorianne” is a series of questions to Blake’s late grandmother about what happens after life. While, “Us Only” tackles insomnia and commitment. Later, “Clean Air” is an ode to anti-anxiety medication in the time of climate change and channels the sunny goth of The Cure paired with the ramshackle pop of Arthur Russell.

Throughout, Luley is playing the instruments, only accompanied with luscious harmonies by his wife Aviva Stampfer, cousin Amy Godwin, and friend Stephen Steen. Despite the home recorded effort, this is Rainwater’s sharpest songwriting and fullest production to date. Who knew working through the hardest experiences of your life could sound so fun? ‘In-Between’ is out August 13th 2021 digitally worldwide, as well as on limited edition vinyl and cassette via Furious Hooves and The Home Dome.


released August 13, 2021

Written, performed, and recorded by Blake Luley at the Home Dome (Seattle, WA) during little moments in-between 2019-2021.

Additional vocals/vocal arrangements from these very special friends:
Aviva Stampfer on tracks 1, 2, 3, 7, 8.
Stephen Steen on tracks 4, 6.
Amy Godwin on track 6.

Mastered by Nicholas Wilbur.
Photography by Blake Luley.
Design and layout by Ryan McCardle.

- - - - -

HD004 / FH-073 / FH:VI-037

℗&© 2021 Rainwater.
Under license to Home Dome and Furious Hooves.


all rights reserved



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